Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recent Birding and More Yellow-throated Warblers

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (they are plentiful this spring!)

I have been on the go since Friday morning, birding mostly at Rondeau Park.  I spent part of Sunday afternoon and all day Monday at Point Pelee.
Birding was fairly good on Friday, but for the most part one had to work for the birds.  The theme for this "late" spring has continued with rather low numbers of birds.  However, the variety is there if you work hard!
This weekend was the Rondeau Big Day event.  It is all about luck in finding species of birds.  I came up with 134 species within the park in 24h.  Steve Charbonneau and Mac McAlpine came up with 142 species.  Two sets of eyes alway helps.  I had some species they did not, so I would calculate that there were 150+ species in the park in that 24h period.
Then there were some species I had on Friday that did not come into play during the Big Day.  It may seem strange, but I always find Friday's are good birding days.

First spring male Rose-breasted Grosbeak

The Yellow-throated Warbler was the highlight.  We could not find it on Saturday, but both teams managed to get it.  The bird seems to travel a bit.  I was driving north on Lakeshore Rd. south of the visitor centre and heard a bird singing that was unusual.  I stopped, and there was the Yellow-throated Warbler!

Lots of White-crowned Sparrow still around!

Monday I spent at Pelee for a change.  It was difficult finding birds.  South of NW Beach parking lot, I found another one of those banded Chickadees.  Apparently there was some banding going on earlier this year or so.  In the same spot I came across a Tufted Titmouse, not a common bird for Point Pelee.

One of several Orange-crowned Warblers I saw the last few days

Today, Tuesday was slim pickings yet again, but I did find a couple of good pockets of warblers.  One had a Yellow-throated Warbler!  This was obviously a different bird that the usual feeder bird as it was in a completely different part of the park and it was travelling with several warbler types.

There was a report of a second bird yesterday as well in another different area, so I would conclude that Rondeau has had at least three of these birds.  The invasion continues!
Another highlight today was my discovery of a Le Conte's Sparrow.  A nice spring bird!

Caught sight of this young Great Horned Owl this morning:

Not much opportunity for photography the last few day.  Caught this nice sunset scene from Rondeau's marsh trail Friday evening, looking towards Blenheim.

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