Sunday, May 15, 2011


Bewidlered Barn Swallow

It seemed like late November today as our weather hit rock bottom.  Good thing I planned to take it easy today just looking around the Wallaceburg area and getting some things done at home.  Temp started out at 12 celcius and by late afternoon it was only 5 degrees.  Crazy.

The Glossy Ibis was not around when I checked first thing this morning and late this afternoon.  Any self-respecting bird would not stand out in a field today!  However, the Solitary Sandpiper stuck it out.  Maybe that is why it is called solitary.
In Brander's woodlot, the warblers were hanging tight.  There were at least 20 Yellow-rumped,  plus singles of Blackburnian, Tennessee, Blackpoll, Palm, Magnolia and Yellow.  A female Scarlet Tanager was travelling with them as well as a Yellow-throated Vireo.

Late this afternoon, swallows were looking exhausted on the road on the lee side of the woodlot.  Four species were on the road--Tree, Barn, Rough-winged and Bank.  Others were sifting through the tops of the trees looking for anything to eat.

At Reid CA, I found a nice pocket of warblers including about 10 Yellow-rumped, 2 Blackburnian, 2 Black-throated Green, 2 American Redstart, 1 Magnolia, 1 Black-and-White and 1 Chestnut-sided.
Lots of Black Terns are around Port Lambton.
Not much else of significance.

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