Monday, May 16, 2011

Hungry Birds

Made it down to Rondeau this morning.  I had my camera, but it was blowing and raining so much I left it in the car.  Birds were up close and personal trying to find things to eat in this ridiculous weather.  After a few hours of birding I decided to head home and get thawed out and dried out!

One the way out of the park I noticed a Cattle Egret in a field.  Actually I almost missed it as I saw a white spot on the dike as I drove by.  I had a feeling it was a bird, so I turned around and discovered a Cattle Egret.  It was rather distant, but it was the nicest looking one I have ever seen.

A good number of warbler species were in the park today. A Kentucky was on spicebush trail.  Lots of Canada Warblers.  Still have not seen a Cape May Warbler--my favourite.
Heard an Acadian Flycatcher.  Did not find the Olive-sided Flycatcher from the last couple of days.  I like that one with its call  "Quick-three-beers".
Thrushes were plentiful today.

Back to work this week, so birding will be at a minimum unfortunately.


  1. Blake, again, nice catch. I'm impressed that your big week extended into today as well. I've seen so few Canada Warblers, only 3-4 in the last two years, and for a fleeting glimpse. I hope they stick around till this next weekend. Ya right...

  2. I was fortunate to see quite a few Cape Mays ... m&f ... this past week at PPNP. What a beautiful bird!

    The last time I saw a Cattle Egret was 3 years ago. I keep looking for white blobs in fields hoping to spot another.

    I'm a beginner and took this past week off to go to PPNP and now I'm very sad to return to work. :(
    I'm hooked.

    Happy birding!