Monday, April 11, 2011

Recent Happenings

TO from CSSP

Finally a nice weekend, but I spent most of it on the road or indoors!  Sunday was the OBRC meeting so I went to Toronto Saturday morning. I spent most of the time at Colonel Sam Smith Park looking at grebes and other birds.  This place is grebe central.  Apparently up to 1000 Red-necked Grebes were around earlier in the week along with Horned, Pied, an Eared and a Western. 
Of course the day I was there, the Western was not seen. (now you know what kind of luck I always have!)  It was seen the day before and after.  It was farther out on the lake, but the sunlight prevented proper distant observations.

Red-necked Grebe-crappy photo from last year

I'm pretty sure I saw the Eared Grebe, but it was in an that transition plumage.
It was nice to see a few hundred Red-necked Grebes anyway.  I did sight a Red-throated Loon way out (not a grebe!) and a few Common Loons.

Stream at Rattray Marsh

Later in the day looking at ducks along the shoreline to the east, I did spot a Harlequin Duck.

I get to this park once every year and alway meet people I know. This time I will mention Dorothy Smith  (and her daughter) who used to live in Chatham.  (Hope she doesn't mind!).

I finally saw a butterfy on Saturday!  I'm pretty sure it was a Milbert's Tortoiseshell as it quickly flitted by my motel room window.

Milbert's Tortoiseshell (from last year-Erieau)

When I arrived home late Sunday, a Hermit Thrush, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and a Fox Sparrow were in the yard.  The Fox Sparrow constantly sang until dusk!
The first Forster's Tern arrived at the marina this morning.  A day late from the April 10 date I mentioned last week!

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  1. Yeah CSSP is a nice place to see grebes alright. I was there on Friday morning. I was hoping for the sun to come out but had overcast all morning. It was neat to see the night herons and the abundance of grebes. I will go back every year to experience that.