Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Birds

The migrants are finally showing up in numbers.  Reports for Rondeau and Point Pelee and Long Point reveal the expected birds.  The Yellow-throated Warbler was still at Rondeau this morning. 
Not much up this way yet, but Cedar Waxwings and Pine Siskins showed up today.  The only thing of note at Port Lambton was the waxwings feeding on exotic berries that no bird touches in the fall.  I guess by this time of year they lose their tartness and the waxwings can tolerate them.  (Note:  photos uploaded to the blog always go fuzzy!).

Here at home, Pine Siskins showed up at the feeder.  These are first since early November here.

This White-throated Sparrow has been in the yard since January 29.

As usual for this time of year, it is difficult to go to work all day and read about the birds seen at various locations!  Finally finished off a winter project today.


  1. Blake, I know what you mean about reading these ontbirds postings at work. Nice selection of late April birds. Winter Finches do not seem to travel through Windsor but seem to love Wallaceburg! I saw/heard my first House Wren tonight! Good birding!

  2. Yes, it is difficult. Yellow-throated Warbler at Van Wagners Beach as well. Hamilton might as well be on the west coast when one has to work.

  3. Things certainly have picked up in a hurry.

    About photos, I've found that sizing pictures to your preferred dimensions prior to upload works best with blogger. IE: 600 px wide. Failing that, using exact multiples of the medium (320px), large (400px) or extra large (640px) seem to work almost as well.

    The google/blogger/picasa sizing algorithm is dreadful.