Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gulls and more Gulls

Checked out the St. Clair River this morning and found thousands of gulls.  In fact there were 10,000+ from Port Lambton to ICI!  They were all Ring-billed or Herring with a few Great Black-backed and 2 Glaucous.  There was no way to look at them all, so who knows what else was out there.  Probably the most I have ever seen at one time on the river.
They were sitting on ice piles, riding ice floes or just floating with the current in the centre of the river.
Most were from Fawn Island to Cathcart Park.

There was not much opportunity for photography as they were far away.  Also it was a dull day.  It was supposed to be partly sunny, but as usual the weather forecast was wrong AGAIN!

Other birds of note included another Horned Grebe at Port Lambton and an interesting Bufflehead duck at Fawn Island.  I looked at it in the scope for some time as it hung out with other Buffleheads.  It may have been a male Bufflehead X Hooded Merganser.  That is the only thing I could think it could be.  Much too far away to photograph.
Back in the late 1990's there used to be a Hooded Merganser X Common Goldeneye that hung out in that same spot each winter.

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