Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Saunterings

Actually just drove around today.  Put on too many kilometres and still not a single redpoll!

Tree and White-crowned Sparrows 

There were some good spots around Blenheim such as the Thirteenth Concession Rd. south of Charing Cross.  There is a pasture area and farm that hosts lots of birds.  On Friday, Irene Woods reported 7 Eastern Meadowlarks and I saw at least six of them this morning.  Nice to see that many in the dead of winter.  There are also a couple on Stefina Line east of Blenheim.

White-crowned sunning itself

I checked out the compost pile on Gore Road and found a bonanza of birds.  This attracts birds in the winter such as White-crowned Sparrows.  There were over 50 there this morning plus other species including a Savannah.  I had one here a year ago as well.

In the winter of 2008 a Harris's Sparrow hung out there.  Who knows what else is lurking around.

Savannah Sparrow

A Savannah Sparrow is also along Erieau Road.  Just out of curiosity (and a hunch), I went into Blenheim Sewage Lagoons and found two Savannah Sparrows there.  It is not unusual it seems to find this species around Blenheim in winter.
On Stefina Line the no-show Woodcock and Snipe continued.  Everyone else seems to see these guys, but me.  As well, the invisible Northern Shrike lived up to its name.  I did see a light morph and a dark morph Rough-legged hawk.  Nice to see the extremes at the same time.

"light" Rough-legged Hawk

I drove back roads all the way home but did not see much.  Still no redpolls......

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  1. Blake, I'm blown away that Eastern Meadowlarks are around right now. I have only seen one, at a great distance, in Florida.