Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Puffin on the St. Clair River


The salty Puffin was upbound at Port Lambton early this morning.
And you thought it was something else......!!

Winds continued extremely strong today.  The St. Clair River was the roughest I have ever seen it!  Some waves were about a metre in height.
Scene at noon hour, Port Lambton

Not surprisingly, Cave Swallows were reported today around the Great Lakes.  It is an annual event in late October and early November to see a few of these birds pass through the Great Lakes region.  This SW wind was bound to bring a few in.  More will be seen.
Cave Swallows were reported at Holiday Beach (James M. Pawlicki), Michigan, Ohio and New York state.
I have seen them in past years at Erieau and Point Pelee.

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