Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Big Blow

High winds have hit the Great Lakes.  This morning a Great Lakes "Cyclone" was predicted to hit the lakes with a storm that rivals the one that sank the Edmund Fitzgerald.  On the Internet site, BOATNERD, a news bulletin listed the following:
Lake Superior
Storm warning Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday, winds building to 55 knots, waves 22 - 27 feet.

Lake Michigan
Storm warning with winds building Tuesday 50 - 60 knots, waves building to 20 - 25 feet through Wednesday.

Lake Huron
Gale warning and storm watch through Wednesday. Winds building to 40 knots waves building to 18 feet.

Lake Erie
Gale watch through Tuesday, wind building to 35 knots Tuesday, waves building 9 - 12 feet by Thursday. Heavy westerly gales predicted for Thursday may cause a siech effect dropping water levels on the eastern end of the lake and rising on the western side, further delaying shipping.

Lake Ontario
The system will weaken and pull northeast but still bring 30 knot winds on Wednesday with waves building to 6 - 8 feet.

Rough Seas aboard Carl D. Bradley

Most ships have gone to anchor to wait out the wind, but it is not expected to subside for a couple of days.

November is the time when big storms have hit the Great Lakes and sank ships.  The Storm of 1913 was one of the worst when 19 ships were lost or sunk and almost as many damaged.

The Carl D. Bradley sank November 18, 1958 on Lake Michigan with only two survivors.  One of my father's cousins sailed aboard the Bradley at one time, hence the above photo.

Perhaps some interesting birds will be blown into the province with this system!  It will certainly stir things up anyway.

Rondeau South beach shoreline (during the 2007 CBC)

Cattle Egrets certainly have made a big influx into Ontario lately!  More were reported today.  The Cattle Egrets south of Chatham were still present yesterday.

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  1. I heard about this. Thanks for sharing. This post reminded me of Gordon Lightfoot's song 'The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald'. Great song!