Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Tour

Went to Point Edward this morning.  There was a NW wind, but perhaps too westerly and not strong enough.  We so rarely get good winds on the weekend, I had to try!  It didn't pan out.  The only interesting bird was a Purple Martin flying by.  Very late for them.  This one headed over to Michigan.

My friend Tim Snieder showed up, who was home from Guelph for the weekend.  He had a good day up Kettle Point/Grand Bend yesterday.  He found a Le Conte's Sparrow at Grand Bend S. L.--another one of those immatures! 
I seem to run into Tim unexpectantly in odd places.  Last fall I met him out in the "boonies" (not bonies!) near Port Stanley, then previous to that up in Algonquin Park in August 2009.

On the way home I stopped for a walk at Reid CA.  Several species of sparrows popped up, but it was rather quiet.  Almost forgot, another American Woodcock popped up.  Obviously lots moving through right now.  You don't know they are there until....POOF!

In the afternoon I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take one last ride in my boat on the Snye.  It will be lifted in a week.

Yesterday there were lots of Common Buckeyes at Point Pelee.  In the fall, the underside is reddish, and they are called the rosa form.

Let's hope for a good wind next weekend either for Point Pelee or Point Edward....

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