Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Fine Day

I worked the same route I did last Saturday from Rondeau to Point Pelee.  It was an interesting day with some good birds and some good butterflies.
At Rondeau, most notable was the number of Chickadees. There were large groups with smaller groups in between. Over 100 were on South Point Trail alone. 

This is the time to watch for Boreal Chickadee mixed in.  I have never seen one down this way.  Obviously there is a good movement of Chickadees on right now.  Listen for the chickadee with a Scottish accent!

Pine Siskins were in good numbers flying around.  In the photo above there are some in there!

Woodcocks kept popping up--I saw several, including one at Point Pelee.

Only one species of warbler at Rondeau, and you guessed it, Yellow-rumped.

Sparrows were fewer than last weekend, but I saw the first Tree and Fox Sparrows today.

Not many hawks today, but I did come across this very co-operative buteo.  It was rather approachable!  Photo Quiz: 

The only vireo was a Blue-headed.

I could not resist going to Point Pelee to check for butterflies.  They are getting fewer and fewer each day, but I was not disappointed today.  Here is a copy of my post to Ontario Butterflies:

West Beach Trail (V.C. to Tip):
Common Checkered-Skipper (1)
Fiery Skipper (8)
Spicebush Swallowtail (2) --1 worn, 1 fairly fresh looking --record late (so far)
Common Buckeye (21)
Gray Hairstreak (3)

Old Maintenance (with Steve T. Pike, Jim Pawlicki):
Eastern Tailed-blue (1) --very worn
Fiery Skipper (2)
Silver-spotted Skipper (1) --seen by Steve Pike --I did not see it!

NW Beach (old parking lot):
Common Checkered-Skipper (1)
several Buckeye

Gray Hairstreak 

Common Checkered-skipper #1 

Common Checkered-skipper #2 

Spicebush Swallowtail (Pelee record-late) 

Fiery Skipper (Blenheim)

(I also had a fresh-looking Fiery Skipper at Blenheim S. L. this morning.)
There were not many birds to look at, but the butterflies were the attraction.


  1. Blake, it was a fine day indeed. You are so lucky to hit Rondeau and PPNP in the same day! Great advice on the Boreal Chickadees. The Grey Hairstreak looks great. I would love to see a Blue Headed Vireo on its southbound journey. It seems everyone has but me!

  2. Is it a Broad Winged Hawk? The Buteo?

  3. It is a young, lightly marked Broad-winged. I've never had one that close before. I managed to walk right up to it!