Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fair Weather

The weather has been very nice all week--actually too nice. With 20 plus degrees and sun and no rain, it would be great for summer. However, it is too dry. We have not had significant rain in a long time.
Bird migration seems to be just a trickle in this fair weather. I have hardly seen anything, and not much has been reported. Perhaps this weekend it will be better as it is supposed to be cooler with a little rain.
Today I saw my first Yellow Warbler of the year at Stewart Wetland. I only had my small camera, so the photo quality is poor. There have only been a couple of Yellow-rumped Warblers at Brander Park, Port Lambton this week. The Pine Warbler from last Friday was still there Monday, so that is an indication that little moved all weekend.

There is still the odd dead duck left over from the die-off in March.
Earlier this week, there were many fires on Walpole Island. They were doing their annual burning. It seems they were mostly burning phragmites. Late Tuesday, there was a big fire along the banks of the Snye near where I work. Ashes were everywhere the next morning!
Well, I hope to see a few more birds this weekend.

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