Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Stuff Too

Winter is still hanging on, so I went out to the St. Clair River to look for ducks. I checked around the marinas, and not surprisingly I found several dead ducks. A Canvasback was laying on the ice near my boat. Very sad situation! It looks like many more will be dying as I saw several live ones that looked lethargic. It does look more and more like starvation as there is still lots ice and feeding areas are at a premium. It is hard to fathom though.
On a lighter note, a pair of Long-tailed Ducks were at Port Lambton. These are always uncommon in the main part of the river. The male was in breeding plumage with is long tail! No wonder they are called Long-tailed ducks!

Just before sunset I headed out to Stewart Wetland along the Snye. First thing in the morning, I noted two dead Canvasback there. Further analysis at the end of the day revealed four more dead Canvasback. There is only a small amount of open water there, but many ducks are packed in. They have been vigourously trying to feed, so they will have that cleaned out in no time of food.
Several Hooded Mergansers were around, and I noted one male nearby at sunset.

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