Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Today was cool, but sunny and calm. I needed to do some walking so I headed down to Point Pelee. Everything was still quite frozen and lots of snow and ice was on the ground. With the extended winter, not many spring migrants, except blackbirds have come in.

Shuster Trail was still the best spot, as it has been most of the winter. Adam Pinch and I encountered a Gray Catbird and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. As well there were at least four Hermit Thrushes among many Robins. They were all feeding on sumac berries.

On the way home, I walked a bit at Hillman Marsh and encountered some Rusty Blackbirds. Out on the lake was a good sized raft of scaup with other species.
At Wheatley harbour, a number of Ring-billed Gulls were in. A few Bonaparte's Gulls were on the lake as well. I was hoping for a Mew Gull, as it is a good time for one of those!
Passing through Dover Twp. a few groups of Tundra Swans were in the fields. There were even a few Redhead ducks in the "small lakes" in the fields. I saw a few American Wigeon as well.
After I got home, a couple of Turkey Vultures soared over the house--the first for the season.
More and more reports of dead ducks are coming in. I cannot help think that it is more than just malnutrition as I have never seen it this bad. Hopefully some more answers will come about.

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