Friday, March 24, 2023

As Time Marches On

As Spring rolls in, time seems to be going by as swift as a fox.

  Waterfowl is the most interesting thing of late, but no rarities have crossed my path.

Not even a Black Vulture.

Not a Black Vulture

Last Saturday I ventured down to Point Pelee and area.  Nothing of note in the park, but lots to look at at the Hillman shorebird cell.  No European ducks yet!

I sat at Wheatley Harbour for a while.  Loons have been arriving.  I saw three Red-throated and three Common.  Lots of gulls too.

A few days ago, I went out to Mitchell's Bay, home of the legendary Red Fisher.  Who remembers this famous outdoorsman from the United States who had a summer place at the Bay?

Cover of his book

I recall watching his TV shows The Red Fisher Show (later The Great Outdoors) where he described fishing trips to the north with legendary hockey, baseball, football players, as well as astronauts such as Jim Lovell and Donn Eisele.

Red retired to the Chatham area and died in 2006.

Anyway, there was a feast of waterfowl to look at off the south shore trail.  I spent over an hour scoping the birds.

Looking towards Ticky Tacky Point

Ruddy ducks were rather numerous, numbering close to 4000. Still lots of Canvasback out there, and scaup were in the hundreds.

I saw the first Great Egrets of the year.  Three were in sight.  They seem to come earlier and earlier each year.  This is the earliest I have seen one I think (March 22).

I have mainly been visiting places locally of late, but there is yet little to see.

Today, I was due for a long walk, so headed out Rondeau's marsh trail to Long Pond.  This park seems to be the closest place to home to go for a LONG walk in "nature".

Once again, waterfowl was the most intriguing thing.  While other birders searched different locations, still no Eurasian Wigeon to be found!  I am sure one will reveal itself soon.

The walk to Long Pond is a 10 km round trip and always has potential, especially in the month of May.  Looking forward to May this year!

Some good sparrows have been found such as Harris's, Henslow's, and including the Lark Sparrow I came across last year.

Meadowlarks are out there there this time of year as they move north.  I came across two today.  One of these days, I hope to get a Western!

Some of today's scenes....

View of the north end of Long Pond today

View from the trail to Long Pond

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