Sunday, April 18, 2021

Wandering Through the Woods

More local nature walks have been on the agenda lately.  I did get to Rondeau on Friday, but there was little in the way of migrants.  Not even a Yellow-rumped Warbler!  Things have been slow this spring compared to some of the past years.  Nothing had changed by the reports from today as well.

I have spent quite a bit of time at Reid Conservation Area in south Lambton.  Not the greatest place for birds (better for butterflies!), but I think it is a real treasure.  I simply love walking through the woods.
There are lots of plants and large trees to sort through.  At least six species of oaks are within, including Chinquapin.

Spring wildflowers and plants are slowly popping up.  Wild Canadian Ginger is very abundant at Reid.

I looked at several other plants.

Sharp-lobed Hepatica


Dutchman's Breeches


Early Blue Cohosh

I looked for the Twinleaf plants, but could not find them today.

I usually spend well over two hours in the conservation area walking through a variety of habitats.

The old oxbow makes for some interesting landscape.  There are two spots where it drains out to the Sydenham at the south end.  Here is the one.

Today I walked to the other, more southerly outlet, which I had never actually been to.  Last year it would have been impossible with the high water.  Will have to check this spot later in June!

I was also at the north end of the oxbow again this morning.  This is probably the highest point of land on the property.

(old oxbow is the right of the hill)

Near the north end of the old oxbow is a nice little wet area.

Today's walk did not find many  birds.  Warblers included only about four Yellow-rumped and a Pine.  Even other areas like Rondeau and Pelee have seen little.  Seems I saw more warblers than other birders at those locations today!

Other stops today included McKeough and Peers.  At McKeough, I walked through the area where we planted some trees back in the early 1990's!  Most did not survive, but some were still there.

Although a bit cool, today's weather was nice, so the walk was enjoyable.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Rondeau Surprise April 10

 Finally, something of note showed up today at Rondeau while I was there.  A Black Vulture!  I happened to bump into Ian Richards and his wife and he mentioned that a Black Vulture was on the beach.  I headed in that direction and sure enough it was in company with  four Turkey Vultures.

Some beach walkers came along so the vultures moved a bit down the beach and perched in a tree.

The Turkey Vultures eventually took off but the Black stuck around for some time.

As other birders arrived, it decided to take flight.  It was eventually found on Rondeau Road and perched there for a while for several local birders.

It was my first for the park....long overdue!

Things were still a bit slow, but birds are trickling in.  A Pine Warbler was found today.  Still very few Yellow-rumped!  The end of this coming week should be considerably better for variety.

More things like Brown Thrashers were in.

No sign of the White-winged Dove yet.  Should be here by now if it is coming this year.  However, it may not have survived, or it finally gave up!

I was at Rondeau yesterday as well, but found very little.  Just too quiet!  However it is nice to be out and thankfully parks are open during this shutdown.

Colt's-Foot at Rondeau (non-native plant)

This afternoon I went for a short stroll at McKeough CA in a spot not often walked.  This whole area had the white version of Trout Lilly.

Will be out tomorrow checking for things!