Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Lambton Leps and Odes

This afternoon I headed up to Sarnia to check some odes at Logan's Pond.  I received word from a friend that he had seen a Comet Darner.  This species is rare in Ontario but found in some certain isolated locations and are quite often found at old quarries.  Logan's Pond was once a quarry.
Within the first minute at the specified location, I saw one cruise by low, along the shoreline of the pond.  I spent some time waiting for another, but it never materialized.
For the last couple of years, I tried to see this species here, but it was always on the weekend when (you guessed it) the weather was not ideal.
Today there was a good variety of odes at the pond.

On the way home I stopped at Moore WMA in hopes of seeing Mocha Emerald.  After some time there, I was about to give up when one finally flew by.  They like the little shaded creek.

They seem to have a regular routine of going down the creek, then coming back, and repeating the process.  They never seem to stop, so one needs a net.
Here is one from last year at the same location.

At the river crossing, an American Snout briefly paused.

There is Hackberry here and I have seen them before.
Tawny Emperor was also out today.

Some butterflies were checking out the Purple Coneflower.

Great Spangled Fritillary

Giant Swallowtails

I also stopped at my favourite CA (Reid).  Dukes' Skippers are plentiful right now, and I saw at least a half dozen today in the one area.

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