Thursday, November 7, 2019

November Notes

Winter certainly has arrived early this year compared to what we have been used to in recent times.  I do not care for it yet!
Birding activities for me are mostly limited to days off or weekends now that the days are way too short.  There is still a bit of time in the mornings to look around Port Lambton before I head into work.
Some Yellow-rumped Warblers are hanging around Brander Park but I expect them to head out soon.
Sandhill Cranes are here and there of course making use of the corn fields in the area.
The big river is getting busier with ducks and gulls.

At the end of the month, many will be checking out Niagara Falls.  I used to go every year, but have not in the last few years.  It was always fun looking for gulls and other birds.

Uncle Paul at Queenston

Recently there was some news from above the Falls.  That iconic rusty barge had shifted and moved after over 100 years!  There was not much left of it and the side we did not see was mostly gone.

It was back in 1918 that this work barge broke away with two workers aboard.  Luckily it grounded where it did.  The men had to be rescued by breeches buoy secured to the roof of the nearby power house.

We always stood in along the shore in this area looking for Purple Sandpipers and various gulls and ducks.

Paul Carter, Maris Apse, Ron Tozer, Mike Nelson

This time of year we on the lookout for late birds. The cold weather will certainly help concentrate birds in various location.
Today, Steve Charbonneau found a late Stilt Sandpiper at Blenheim--the first November record for Rondeau.

Rare warblers such as Townsend's and Black-throated Gray are some hopefulls for this time of year!

November 23, 2008, Rondeau Park
Hopefully something will be of interest this weekend!

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