Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday Rambles

After work today I dodged the rain (felt like the weekend was coming!) and stopped at Nicholl's Memorial Forest at Wilkesport.  The prairie plants and wildflowers are in bloom.

Compass Plant

Culvers Root


Gray-headed Coneflower

Virginia Mountain Mint

Densse Blazing Star is not as plentiful this year.

Hooded Mergansers nested at the pond this year and a few were swimming.

I also stopped at Reid CA and came across a couple of American Woodcock.

Dukes' Skippers were numerous and easy to find.

I found one at the Broad-winged Skipper spot--the first time I have had one there.

I have not come across Broad-winged there yet this year!

Sandhill Cranes are on the move and are now regularly being seen west of Wallaceburg.  A few were near the Walpole bridge this morning.

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