Thursday, June 21, 2018

More Thursday Tidbits

The last couple of days have been nice...oh, yes....they are weekdays.  More butterflies are out as one would expect.  I took a quick run up to Reid CA at lunch hour today.  Between swatting mosquitoes and flies, I came across some things.

Appalachian Brown

It is now hairstreak season!
They are baaack!

Southern (Northern Oak) Hairstreak

I did get a FOY Banded Hairstreak which did not photograph very well!

One should keep an eye out for odes as well.

Four-spotted Skimmer

I got up early this morning to see the final voyage of a unique vessel.  The American Victory was being towed down the St. Clair River on its way to Turkey to be scrapped.
I first caught sight of it at Mooretown.

Better known as the Middletown in its Great Lake's heyday, this ship has a unique history.

Photo by Blake Mann July 1989

It was built in Maryland in 1942 as a Victory ship.  It was named USS Neshanic and originally a saltwater tanker.  In 1947 it was named Gulfoil, in 1961-1962 Pioneer Challenger, and in 1962 renamed Middletown.  It last operated in 2008 as American Victory and was laid up at Superior, Wisconsin.
At one point it saw action in WWII and was also in a collision in which it burned.

It is quite a unique vessel and something I wanted to see today before it disappeared forever.

Passing Lambton Generating Station
Three long and two short!


  1. I stopped by Reid yesterday afternoon hoping for hairstreaks. I struck out, but by the time I was able to get there, it may have been too late in the day for them. It wasn't too late in the day for the deer flies and mosquitoes, however. But at least it is nice to know the hairstreaks are back.....I'll try again.

    1. It is best around mid-day, and the sun should be out to maximize your chances. Obviously week-ends are out of the question!