Friday, April 6, 2018

Early April Outings

I was out to Mitchell's Bay last evening for a walk.  It was not too bad for temperature, unlike most of the week where we have had unseasonably cold temperatures.
Lots of waterfowl are still around and could be seen from the dock off the south shore nature trail.

Rare Mitchell's Bay Duck

I finally saw Great Egrets for the first time this year.  There were 8-10 around.

The huge iceberg is still visible out on Lake St. Clair, indicating how cold it has been.

Many Snowy Owls are still around not in any hurry to head north.  I saw at least three along Angler Line.  One was atop a hydro pole beside the road, but later moved out to the middle of the field in typical fashion.

This past Monday was quite nice, but was the quietest day of the holiday weekend for birds.  I checked out Rondeau, then the Erieau area.  I walked the "rail trail" (see today's Nature Nuggets for a fine description of the trail).

Viewing (stand) Vultures

Three planes were doing some maneuvers in the distance near the Chatham airport.  I am not sure what kind, but they were putting on a show.

It was a clear day, and other aircraft were easily observed overhead.

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