Monday, March 12, 2018

Sunday Sandhills and Pelee Ice

Sunday morning was crisp and clear as I headed towards Essex County.  A brief stop at Wheatley Harbour revealed little, so I moved on to Hillman Marsh.  With winter refusing to release its grip, many water bodies were once again frozen.  I walked out to the shorebird cell (all frozen over of course) and noticed three Sandhill Cranes.

Sandhill Cranes certainly have become very regular anymore.  They used to be a rare commodity back in the early 1990's!

A number of Canada Geese were also on the ice with about ten Northern Pintails.

Soon, I moved over to Point Pelee National Park and walked De Laurier Trail and Cactus Field Trail.

The Tip area was more interesting with thousands of ducks of both sides.  Most were scaup, but they were very distant.

I met up with Mike Nelson and we watched a few ducks fly by.  Many were White-winged Scoters, but very distant.  I did pick out at least one Surf Scoter.

Along the west side there was spectacular scenery in the form of ice.  With the relentless winds and cold temps, waves crashed onshore and the water froze every surface.

A Red Fox was on the road beside Sparrow Field, but I got on it too late with the camera.

Later, I walked Tilden's Woods which was quite active, but all with blackbirds!

Scene at Cactus Field Trail

There are still lots of Snowy Owls around and I saw at least four on my travels to and from Point Pelee.
There are still at least four NW of Wallaceburg today.

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