Sunday, January 14, 2018

More Guthrie Gulls and Ducks Too

It was another frigid morning.  I checked out Perch Creek WMA first thing, but there was virtually nothing to be found.  It was too cold for a long walk anyway.  There simply is not much in the way of 'landbirds' this winter in my usual haunts!  Perch Creek, east of Sarnia is often a great place for a winter walk and to look for birds.

I decided to head out to Guthrie Park at Corunna where there is much action.  On the way, I noticed a Snowy Owl perched on a post, as well as the usual Northern Shrike at Ladysmith Line.  Each winter there is a shrike here!

LaSalle Snowy

Ladysmith Shrike

Upon arrival at Guthrie, Mike Bouman already had the place staked out.  After he departed for warmer climes, I took over and watched for some time.  It seemed to be a better day with better conditions and more birds.

A couple of Iceland Gulls were milling about.  They have been scarce this winter, while Glaucous Gulls are plentiful. 

I counted around 20 Glaucous Gulls during my stay.

Lots of Herring, a few Great Black-backed and a Lesser Black-backed were tallied.

There was no sign of any rare ducks, but a local Black X Mallard hybrid made a pass with its partner.

Other ducks made some passes.

While others were napping.

It was interesting to sit and watch the activity, as it was constantly changing.

Farther downriver, I encountered two Great Blue Herons at the OCF outflow.  They were FOY and seemed a bit out of place this winter.  I was not able to get photos though.

On to yet another week.....

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