Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ducking/Gulling Along the River

Birding has been good along the St. Clair River recently.  Yesterday, January 19, I headed a ways north after work.  It was late in the afternoon, but by that time of the week, I have had enough of working indoors and was anxious to get out!
There was not much to see until I got to Cath's Cart Park.  Cathcart Park, north of Sombra, has always been a good birding point along the river.

There was quite a bit to sort through, but I did not see anything of note.  With the flooding last week, there is ice in the park and it is too dangerous to get close to the shoreline.

The outflow at OCF Industries north of Stanley Line has been good this year.  Although the Northern Pintails of last week seem to have long since disappeared, gulls and waterfowl have been congregating here.
There were several Glaucous Gulls last evening fighting for fish.  One of the Great Blue Herons was still looking for a meal as well.
Hundreds of Canada Geese use the river here and at Cathcart Park, but there seems to be nothing with them! In past years we have had a few Cackling Geese by early February.

Today, I headed up along the river on a bright and sunny morning.  One of the better spots was the OCF outflow where I found at least ten Glaucous Gulls among other birds.  I did not get out of the car in fear of flushing the birds.

One gull stuck out near the shore.  I am still not 100 % sure what it was, but I thought perhaps some Herring and Glaucous genes.  Hybrids can be quite variable though in many respects.

My next major stop was Corunna at the faithful Guthrie Park.  Based on reports from yesterday, it was not as good today.  There was less ice and many of the gulls appeared to be on the Michigan side.

Several Bald Eagles have been doing well here with getting meals lately. Local photographers are having fun trying to get some photos.  The eagles stir up the gulls every once in a while.

I only saw a few Glaucous here today and I could not pick out any Iceland today.

Some Snowy Owls are in the area including one near the Sombra solar farm which I saw both yesterday and today.

Solar Snowy

At least one is still west of Wallaceburg along Langstaff Line.  Unfortunately, one was found dead near the west end of Langstaff yesterday.

Sunday looks like we might have to deal with some weather, but we will be out and about!

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