Sunday, November 12, 2017

Some Point Pelee Birding

For a change in scenery, I went down to Point Pelee today.  I had not been there in some time for various reasons, so I was due.  It was a calm day, but drizzly and dreary, just like many weekend days!
I started with a Tip Watch, and had the whole place to myself.  There was no wind, but there was a fair bit of activity and visibility was good.

Several loons were in view, all swimming.  They were not flying today.

At least five Red-throated Loons were swimming well off the SW side of the Tip.  Yet again, I could not find a Pacific Loon.  I studied all the loons well for the two hours I was there, but certainly no Pacific Loon was around.

A good number of Horned Grebes were around numbering close to fifty.

Lots of ducks were moving, and of course the most common was Red-breasted Merganser.

Early on, this little buteo perched at the Tip.

I later walked up to Sparrow Field along the beach.  There was a nice raft of about 65 scoters on the lake.  Most seemed to be Surf, but there was a good number of White-winged and a few Black.

Next walk was Shuster Trail.  There was not too much of note there.

De Laurier had some birds including several White-throated Sparrows.  An Eastern Phoebe was singing at the back.  Two Sandhill Cranes flew over.

Here is a link to my eBird list for Point Pelee:

On the way out, I noticed the Cattle Egret along Concession E.  It was a bit distant for any good photo.

I walked a bit of Hillman Marsh.  A pure flock of 9 Eastern Meadowlarks was interesting at the shorebird cell.

I found a Marsh Wren in a spot that I often find them in the early winter.

There were lots of ducks at Hillman, but I did not get the scope out.  Many were Gadwall.

Nearer home, Tundra Swans were obviously on the move.  There were a few thousand out in the fields near St. Clair NWA.

The sun will be out again tomorrow....

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