Sunday, November 5, 2017

Rondeau Weekend Birding November 4-5

The past two mornings I spent some time at Rondeau Park.  Birds were scarce Saturday, but it was better Sunday despite the typical weekend weather (crappy!).
Both days I started with a lakewatch at Dog Beach per usual this time of year.  It is a great spot to watch for gulls, ducks and shorebirds.

Some good birds have been seen during the weekdays, as usual, when I am at work!  Late this past week, a Common Nighthawk was seen by Steve and Aaron Charbonneau there.  I would assume it was record late.  Speaking of nightjars, it was exactly five years ago (4 November 2012) we found a record late Whip-poor-will on south point trail.

You never know what may be around this time of year!

Saturday morning was good for duck movement, with many species seen.  I was joined by Steve Charbonneau and Allen Woodliffe for a lakewatch.  The ducks kept us busy.

Some Dunlin and Sanderlings were moving as well.

The trails were almost devoid of 'land' birds Saturday, but the campground had some birds though.

I checked out McGeachy Pond dike later, and found a Brown Thrasher.  Perhaps it will stick around.

The White Pelican was long gone, but then again, it was seen on weekdays.

Sunday morning started out drizzly, but at least it stopped for some half decent birding in the park.  I started a lakewatch, and about 07:20, a nice little duck flew right in front of me.  It was a male Harlequin!  There was no time for a photo though, and the weather was still drizzly at the time.
Five minutes later, Jim Burk joined me for a lakewatch.  There were hardly any gulls today, but a few ducks were moving.
Only seven Common Loons were seen today, unlike yesterday when many were moving.

Once again, Dunlin and Sanderling were around, but in fewer numbers.  I guess things like Purple Sandpipers only show up on weekdays!

After the lakewatch, we went down to South point trail.  At least there were a few more birds than yesterday, with many kinglets, some Fox Sparrows among others.
One must stay out of the grass this time year, as Deer Ticks are numerous.

We walked the campground as usual for this time of year, and found a few birds.  A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was its usual tree. This bird will likely stay the winter since there is at least one every single winter here.
Some Fox Sparrows and many Northern Cardinals were in the campground.  Only a few Yellow-rumped Warblers represented that departement.
This time of year is good for late or rare warblers.  It was 23 November 2008 that Jim and spotted a Black-throated Gray Warbler.

An Eastern Phoebe was in the campground as well, not too unusual for this date.

Looking at ducks on the Bay was a lost cause since fog rolled in.  So much for trying for a Eurasian Wigeon!

Jim and I separated for a while.  Near the pony barn, Jim found a White-eyed Vireo.  I came along a little later and saw it high in the trees.  Record late for Rondeau is later in November.
There was no chance for photos today.  Lighting was very poor and not much to photograph anyway.

Before going home, I slid over to Ridgetown Lagoons where I found lots of geese.  The only different ones were two Snows.  Some Tundra Swans were in plus a single distant swan by itself which struck me as a Trumpeter,  I lost sight of it in the distant field though.

That is it for this weekend.  The sun will be back out tomorrow for another week!

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