Saturday, November 25, 2017

Rondeau Revue November 25

Down at Rondeau Park this morning, I started with a lakewatch at dog beach, accompanied by Steve Charbonneau.  It was another day for loons, grebes and ducks.  Gulls were few and far between again.

Sun was out briefly (on the weekend?)

During the two hour span, over 40 Common Loons were seen, at least 12 Red-throated and another loon which we could not get a handle on.  It was one of those that could possibly be a Pacific, but with most loons here, they motor on by!  We have noted that many Red-throated Loons tend to stop briefly, unlike Commons.  We saw a few swimming today.

There were around 40 Horned Grebes during the watch, and one Red-necked early on.  Another large grebe still has us scratching our heads!  (quite possibly a Western).

No shorebirds, unfortunately.

I later headed over to south point trail where it was nice and calm.  A few birds were around including at least 3 Ruby-crowned Kinglets, and a Yellow-rumped Warbler among others.
Pine Siskins were somewhat plentiful today, but no other finch types.

It was balmy today and interesting things were on the trail!

Some severe erosion has occurred again along south point trail.

I also walked the campground, which was rather quiet today.  A couple of Yellow-rumped Warblers were present.

Fox Sparrows numbered over a dozen.

Just south of maintenance along Harrison Trail, I found the largest flock of birds of the day.  At least 8 Yellow-rumped Warblers (most likely more) were working the trees and poison ivy vines.  Another Ruby-crowned Kinglet and three Carolina Wrens were also making some noise.

There were lots of woodpeckers here as well, including a Pileated.  I could not get a clear shot of it though.

After a brief shower of rain (it is indeed the weekend!), I scoped some ducks on the Bay.  Most were towards the far side out of reach.
A Snowy Owl was perched on the old dock.  Lots of them are around now!

Link to today's list:

My other stop today was Ridgetown S.T.P.  Lots of geese present as usual, including three Ross's (reported last weekend), and the hybrid Snow X Ross's and a Snow Goose.

Hopefully the sun will come out on Sunday...just for once on a weekend for a change!

Sunset Friday (note clear sky)

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