Friday, October 13, 2017

A Few Photos and Notes

The weather was not all that ideal most of the week with windy and wet conditions.  The days are getting too short to do much in the way of birding before work.  Lots of sparrows, kinglets, and Yellow-rumped Warblers are moving through right now.  I have also seen a few Orange-crowned Warblers recently as well.
This afternoon turned out quite nice was we pulled out a couple of boats for the winter.  Mine included!

A week ago, I noticed the trusty hermaphrodite Mallard swimming around Port Lambton.  I do not usually see it during the summer, but not that fall is well underway, there it was!

This duck has been around close to ten years and is easily recognizable.

I have been looking at my past records for Algonquin Park and they have been varied.  I used to go there in late June or early July, but in recent times it has been late September.  Bird sightings have varied quite a bit.  The most recent trip revealed the fewest number of birds, as previously alluded to.
One butterfly sighting I did not mention was a crescent sp.  It was at the start of Bat Lake Trail in a shaded area when I saw it.  I was trying to make adjustments to the camera, but it took off before I could get a photo!  The date is quite exceptional, but given the record high temperatures, some things were likely tricked into emerging or flying in from somewhere.
I noticed earlier this week that a Summer Azure was sighted at Algonquin--another exceptional date for the species there.

Here are a few more scenery photos from the recent trip.

Mizzy Lake
I always take note of this tree growing on rock, along Bat Lake Trail.....

Snake!  Bat Lake Trail
Sunday Creek Bog from V.C. balcony

Scene along Bat Lake Trail
Along Mizzy Lake Trail

Spruce Grouse
Red-breasted Nuthatch

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