Saturday, September 16, 2017

Warblers to Skippers Today

I checked out Rondeau Park this morning.  It was a warm and very muggy day bringing out more mosquitoes!  A fair number of birds was present today, but they were quickly moving through the treetops.  Many went unidentified.
The bird of the day was Blackpoll Warbler.  There were bunches of them, and if you had to guess at a bird, Blackpoll would be correct most of the time!  Some of the dead trees were decorated with them like Christmas ornaments, but it was impossible to get a decent photo.

I did not get much in the way of photos since the birds were moving quickly or well-hidden in the foliage.

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I spotted another Connecticut Warbler along the trail.  This is the fourth one this fall.  Some years I go without any!  As usual, it was skulking in the undergrowth, but I did see it well eating a caterpillar.

Flycatchers were absent, except for a few peewees and a couple of Least Flycatcher.s
Absolutely no sparrows today, but that is OK for the time being.

After about five hours in the park, I decided to head over to Hillman Marsh to look for butterflies. By this time, it was getting quite hot.
Common Checkered-Skippers were the butterfly of the day there.

In one hour of walking around the shorebird cell, I encountered about 100!

I also came across at  least three Fiery Skippers.

A number of Common Painted-Lady were nice to see as well.

Some Eastern Tailed-Blues were in the mix too.

I did not come across any Gray Hairstreaks, but I heard that some were at Point Pelee today.

Near the end of the walk, I met Bob and Karen Yukich of Toronto.  Seems I am always running into them!  After a chat about sightings of the summer, we parted ways, and I headed home.


  1. An impressive number of Checkered-Skippers, living up to their 'Common' name! I've been looking for them to show up in C-K, but so far have not seen any this year.

    1. Ten years ago it would have been a big deal! I had a couple in my yard back in August, but those have been the only ones so far in C-K for me.