Friday, July 14, 2017

Dukes' and Dickcissels

After work today, I ventured over to Reid CA.  Dukes' Skippers were overdue to show, so I looked through the shaded sedges.  Finally, I found a couple! (All photos today taken by the Canon G16).

It was back in the banner year of 2008 that I found Dukes' Skippers at Reid.  They are very rare in Lambton, but locally common in some spots in Essex.

I spent a bit of time at the "other" sedge area in Reid and did catch a glimpse of a Broad-winged Skipper.  Too distant for photo and it quickly disappeared deep in the sedges!

A Royal River Cruiser was also on patrol.  It was also overdue.

I did find a couple of Banded and a couple of Edwards' Hairstreaks.

The Banded were worn and the Edwards' were somewhat fresh, but did not co-operate to get photographed.
It has been a difficult year for hairstreaks with the wacky weather.  We had way too much rain again this week and some storms that brought down trees in Port Lambton.
Water levels are the highest in 20 years or so.

Appalachian Brown

I think this one was a Northern Broken-Dash:

Continuing on, I stopped by the old Sombra Dump and found a female Dickcissel preening on the fence.

Along Baby Road north of Wilkesport a couple of singing male Dickcissels were continuing.
Some Monkey Flower was in bloom at Nicholl's:

Tomorrow might be interesting, as I head over to Walpole Island for a special outing!

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