Saturday, June 17, 2017

More Dickcissels and Pelee Pelicans

Today was a time to check out Pelee for butterflies (not many!) and pick up on any Dickcissels along the way.
With the big invasion of those "delightful" dickcissels I no doubts in finding some at Hillman and in the "onion fields".
Just driving by in the car, I counted 9 singing males beside the shorebird cell at Hillman.
Down Mersea Rd. 19, there were two more alongside the road.

Point Pelee was crawling with fish flies (tis the season!), but I walked to the Tip.  Upon arrival, there were 4 American White Pelicans swimming off the west side.

They moved around quite a bit for over an hour, then eventually went out of sight in a southerly direction.

There were many cormorants moving today, but no little ones! (or big ones for that matter).
Not much of note, but a flock of 19 small white doves headed out over the lake.  I have seen white doves here before!

On the way out, I stopped by the dogbance patch off Orientation.  Here I found a FOY Common Buckeye and a FOY Common Sootywing.

Sootywing is not all that common in the park.

Along Mersea Rd. 19, I found another Dickcissel just south of Concession Rd. C.

One of the males from the morning was still beside the road further up.

I walked around Hillman shorebird cell and counted 9 singing Dickcissels.  I know there were more present, but the wind did not help matters.

Butterflies around the cell included Peck's Skipper and Bronze Copper among the common things.


  1. You always seem to be in Pelee when I'm in Rondeau...

    I had a Bronze Copper at Blenheim today.

    1. Blenheim is usually quite reliable for Bronze Copper.
      This time of year I investigate places other than Rondeau!

    2. It was a very slow didn't miss much!