Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Report March 24

After a cold week, we finally got some more spring-like weather this afternoon.  However, around 7 p.m. this evening the wind switched to the NE dropping the temperature, and the clouds rolled in signalling the arrival of the weekend.  It must be that time of year!

After work today, I went for a walk at Reid CA.  It was nice going through the woods without a coat on for a change.  I saw a few Eastern Comma butterflies, first for the season here.

Reid CA is a real treasure in my opinion with the variety of trees and of course butterflies in the warm season.  I was looking for Blue Ash (for example) and found some smaller trees still alive, but of course the larger ones had finally succumbed to that dreadful insect.  I only walked one section though.

My last stop was Peers Wetland where I saw the first few Tree Swallows of the year.  The warm front today brought in quite a few birds including Song Sparrows.  Chipping Sparrows and Eastern Phoebes were finally reported today.

This morning was crisp but I took a walk at Stewart Wetland as the sun rose.

Several different ducks were around, and lots of gulls.  There are still a crazy number of gulls along the St. Clair River and Walpole Island area.

Yesterday evening I checked out Mitchell's Bay where there are thousands of ducks.  I did not have a scope,  but just enjoyed a walk along the shoreline.

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