Friday, February 3, 2017

Sunset Tour

I headed upriver after work today.  The air was clear and crisp...I guess winter has returned!
With a brisk westerly wind, ice has built up along the Ontario shoreline of the St. Clair River, so many of the gulls and waterfowl were not close (unless they were on the ice).

However, there was a good concentration of gulls at the OC outflow north of Sombra.

Lighting was not good, as usual for the time of day, but I did not find anything of note.
The outflow area is often good in winter.  This is where the Ivory Gull hung out in December 1995.

I drove back through the countryside on the way back home.  It seemed like there would be potential for an owl or two, but there was virtually nothing to be seen.
About 30 Tundra Swans were along Holt Line between highway 40 and the river.

I stopped by McKeough CA and dam. Sometimes you can hear owls at dusk, but I only saw a lone American Tree Sparrow (!).

There was a nice scenery at sunset.

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