Sunday, February 12, 2017

Going Quackers

Today, I once again headed out to the St. Clair River.  It was a dull day with a bit of fog and drizzle so lighting was not good.  It will be nice tomorrow since the weekend will be over!
There were not many gulls on the river today, so ducks were on the menu today.

It was quite raw standing along the shore at various points.  Cathcart Park was again busy, but nothing of note.

Lots of ducks were off Lambton Generating Station again.  There were several hundred on my way back, but just as I was arriving, a ship came by and they scattered!

The same ducks were at Guthrie Park, Corunna.  Rather few gulls, but just as I was leaving one of the Lesser Black-backed Gulls suddenly showed up.

The ducks are finding lots of good along the shoreline.  Much of it was shad I think.

The high concentration of Common Goldeneye and Long-tailed Ducks still remains at the head of Stag Island.

I did find two different ducks there today.  However, they were hybrids!  First was the apparent Ring-necked X Redhead male blending in with its counterparts.

Just before I was to leave, I spotted another hybrid.  This may be a Ring-necked X Greater Scaup.  It had a greenish sheen to the head. However, there are known cases where a Ring-necked X Lesser Scaup hybrid shows a greenish sheen to the head.  The head shape is suggestive of Lesser Scaup as well.  Perhaps a look at the wing bar might be helpful.  In any case, it is a scaup hybrid!

Another decent day on the river!

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