Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Frolicks on the St. Clair River

It turned out to be a nice day, and I headed up the St. Clair River after work.  Lighting is never good at that time of day when the sun is out, but there was lots to see.
There continues to hundreds of gulls on the river, but nothing of the mega variety!  It was 25 years ago that Dennis Rupert found the Ross's Gull at Sarnia (21 February 1992).  Probably his most exciting find!
There was a good variety of things at the Sombra dock, but I never made a list.
Cathcart Park was busy.

Numerous swans (Mute of course) and Canada Geese were there among a good selection of ducks.

Lots of gulls were off the OC outflow as well.

I stopped at Cundick Park just north of the village of Sombra where there was some activity.  A Bald Eagle stirred things up including a couple of Glaucous Gulls.

The good 'ole Daldean was making its continuous runs.  This ferry has been going since 1951!
Here is a view from 1958.  April 19 no less!

The Redhead X Ringnecked Duck was reported at Corunna late this afternoon by Mike Bouman.

Some scoters are still seen on the river.  I had a Surf at Port Lambton early this morning.

There was a nice sunset this evening.

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