Saturday, December 31, 2016

Essex County Birding December 30/Guthrie Gulls December 31

Yesterday I headed down to Point Pelee.  I had not been there for over a month due to various reasons.
There was quite a bit of gull activity at the Tip, but nothing really special.  The west side was ice as far as one could see, but the east side was clear.

One of 3 Bald Eagles

I checked out Sparrow Field, Shuster Trail, Cactus Trail, and De Laurier.  The sun actually came out which was nice for a change.  We have seen very little sun in the last week.

Shuster had a good variety of birds including a couple of Yellow-rumped Warblers.

Cactus Trail was very quiet.  A couple of Common Grackles were the highlight!

De Laurier was rather quiet for birds, so I moved on.  I headed straight north to Lighthouse Cove to look at some gulls.
The mouth of the Thames has been the best spot for gulls lately.  I made a more thorough check than the day before.

I counted 7 Glaucous and one Iceland in the white-winged gull department.

Great Black-backed Gulls are plentiful there and I counted at least 95.  I think I saw an adult Lesser as well, but decided not to count it.

On this last day of 2016, I checked out the St. Clair River up to Corunna.  There was hardly a duck to be found today, but gulls were plentiful.  A mass of gulls was off Cathcart Park, but it seemed to be 100% Herring (~400)!

The hotspot is still Guthrie Park and I spent almost an hour there.  Again, most were Herring, but a good number of Great Black-backed.

Also one Glaucous and one that was likely a "Nelson's" Gull (Herring X Glaucous).

Glaucous Gull

I tried some flight shots and they turned out fairly well.

Tomorrow is the St. Clair NWA CBC, so we will see what turns up!
Hopefully this one: