Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Recent Sightings of Late November

Little has been happening for me the last couple of days, but we are always on the lookout!
Sunday I went to Rondeau and area and it was a bit quiet.  I came across a Pine Warbler on south point trail--one of those gray female types.
I also found the Eurasian Wigeon near the pier again.  It will probably stay for some time as long as we do not get a freeze-up.

I tried for the Purple Sandpipers at Erieau again, but hunters were stationed at the spot. Not really a spot hunters should be at!  I heard later that two Purples flew by Point Pelee Tip, so there is speculation that they were the same two.

Purple from Rondeau CBC 2014!

The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was still at Erieau, either along the rail trail or the start of McGeachy Pond.

Warblers may be lurking around such as the Orange-crowned that is occasionally spotted at McGeachy. This time of year is interesting.

The Western Sandpiper I missed as well.  However, it was continually spooked by a Mrelin, so it and the Dunlin went to hide somewhere!  It was last reported Sunday afternoon.  It is all about luck in seeing it.

A Blue-headed Vireo has been hanging on along the rail trail.  It was seen briefly again today.

Yesterday (Monday) I saw over 100 Sandhill Cranes passing over the north area of Walpole Island! As you know, this is the daily flock that flies over from Michigan to the fields west of Wallaceburg. The numbers vary each day depending on timing.

Christmas Bird Counts are fast approaching.  Rondeau/Blenheim is December 18.  Wallaceburg is December 27.

The others in the area have not been definitively announced.

Stewart Wetland This Evening


  1. Another great post Blake. I'm definitely looking forward Christmas bird count time. On an unrelated note, did you have to make any changes to bird trax? Mine disappeared and hasn't come back but I see that yours is showing up.

  2. Thanks and good to hear from you Jonathan. Bird Trax has changed, but I sent you an email how to fix it.