Saturday, October 1, 2016

Birding October 1

I headed down to Rondeau Park and area on this dreary day.  At least the weather forecast was wrong once again.  It did not rain!
Birding was good today.  I started at Dog Beach for a lakewatch.  There was an insane number of gulls, but mostly Ring-billed and Herring.  There has been a large number of gulls around here and Erieau, but for some strange reason, no rarities.

South Point trail was quite good at certain spots.  Lots of warblers to look at, and just as many I could not get on!

Fuzzy Nashville!

While on the beach off the light beacon, I turned around briefly and noticed a large black bird flying into the woods.  I thought it looked like a Raven, but passed it off as I did not get a good look.
When I got back onto the main trail, sure enough, I heard the call of a Raven several times.  I eventually saw it, but was not quick enough with the camera.
Later, while at the light beacon, I heard it again, and it soon showed itself along the beach.  It eventually came close.

We do not see Raven here very often, and in fact it is only my third one for Rondeau in 28 years!

Next stop was maintenance area and Harrison Trail.  I spent 20 minutes just out of the car standing beside the fence as there were plenty of birds.  They were attracted to Virginia Creeper berries.  There were several thrushes and Catbirds, and I thought for sure I would see a Townsend's Solitaire.  Not so.

Juncos are appearing now!

I ended up with 17 species of warblers including a Yellow (rather late) and Black-and-White, Chestnut-sided, etc.

Next stop was Blenheim Lagoons.  There was a ridiculous number of Tree Swallows there and in the adjacent field.  I estimated 700, but could be way off.

Very few shorebirds.  Those present included Stilt Sandpiper, Greater Yellowlegs, Least Sandpipers and a Semisand.

Not finished yet, I went down to Erieau Rail Trail.  There were lots of warblers and other birds there. I ended up with 15 species of warblers there.

Just one last stop....Peers Wetland.  There has been a pretty good supply of birds there lately.  Northern Rough-winged Swallows were flying around.  There were lots around yesterday in the rain at Peers and Stewart Wetland, but that was the only species of swallow.  They are rare on eBird today.  lol!

The viewing platform at Peers is now complete with wheelchair accessible ramp.

Will see what delivers tomorrow.....


  1. It was an impressive number of swallows at the lagoons, wasn't it. I certainly didn't attempt to look at them all, but the only ones besides Trees were 3 Barns.

    Raven is indeed a good bird for the Rondeau checklist area, and October seems to be the month that they show up if they are going to.

  2. Regarding the Blue-headed Vireo picture under the rail trail part...

    Yet another example of a bird ruining an otherwise good photos by hiding its bill. This happened quite a lot for me in September!