Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Few Scenes from Today

This morning I took advantage of the picture-perfect weather and went for a walk at the shore trail off Angler Line, Mitchell's Bay.  It is the best time of day to check the trail with the sun at your side along the wooded area, and at your back along the lake.
A Great Egret was close by.  A Snowy Egret would have been more desirable, but you take what comes.

The trail can be good for migrants at times.  The only warbler I saw was a Black-and-white, too high in a tree to photograph.

I also checked out St. Clair NWA.

Arriving back home, I decided to walk around Peers Wetland. There is a good variety of butterflies around right now, including lots of Peck's Skippers.  I even have them in the yard right now.

Trio of Peck's

I came across the Common Checkered-Skipper in the same spot, assuming it is the same individual I saw Tuesday.

Also, a Common Sootywing.  They must be doing well this year since I have seen them in several locations.

This afternoon I took a walk at Reid CA.  A single Dukes' Skipper still remains, making a brief appearance.  It did not stop!

Lots of Tawny-edged Skippers are out and about now as well.

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