Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Outing

I was off work early this afternoon and decided to stop at Reid CA.  I had hopes in finding Dukes' Skippers, but they were not present.  Usually they have been out for a week by this time, but hopefully a few will show soon.

Hairstreaks are on the downswing, but I found a few.   Right off the bat I found a Southern (Oak) Hairstreak.  It is getting very late for them, so it was nice to see.

Latest I have seen one is July 10 (2009) at Reid, other than the one at Walpole Island last year on July 11.

A few Banded and Edwards' were seen today as well.

Edwards' Hairstreak

I found this Banded being predated by a spider.  Often we see this. I have seen the Southerns in this scenario as well!

It has been a horrible year for finding dragonflies.  Late yesterday I went for a walk up at McKeough CA.  The only one I saw was an Eastern Amberwing!

Flag-tailed Spinylegs should be out, but I have not seen one yet.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Regarding other butterflies, Great-spangled Fritillaries are doing very well this year, as are Appalachian Browns.  Today I saw many of each at Reid.

No Bear Here!

Bears are on the loose!  Apparently one was seen around McKeough earlier this week, assuming it is valid.  (I find it amazing how some people can describe things that really do not exist!).

A while back, I found this family of mink at St. Clair NWA scurrying around.

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