Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Visit to Pinery and Port Franks

Saturday morning I ventured up to Pinery and Port Franks.  It was a scorcher and birds went rather quiet early on.
First stop was Cedar Trail.  I was interested in seeing if the Prairie Warblers were still present. I did hear one singing at the end of Cedar Trail extension, but it was well off trail.
Prairie Warblers always used to nest at Pinery, but disappeared many years ago as residents.  I suspect they are nesting again along the first dune.  A couple were seen last year at the end of May near the end of Cedar Trail, but I do not know if they stayed.
Along the way, I heard a Black-throated Green Warbler singing as well as a Black-and-White.  I did manage to get a visual on the latter high in the canopy.

Next trail was the Carolinian Trail near Burley campground.  It is not often I walk this trail.  Last year I had Hooded and Black-throated Green Warblers near the end of June, but none were evident today.

Scene along Carolinian Trail

I also walked Riverside Trail and came up with an Acadian Flycatcher.  I have seen them in the past here on several occasions.
Red-headed Woodpecker lives here. If you are not fast enough with the camera, this is what happens:

Lots of duskywings were still out.

Chalk-fronted Corporals were common at the pond on Carolinian Trail.

Dot-tailed Whiteface female
Chalk-fronted Corporal female

After checking out Pinery, I moved over to the County Forest at Port Franks.  By this time, birds were rather quiet, but I did come up with several Hooded Warblers and 2 Acadian Flycatchers.  A Cerulean Warbler was also heard.  At this time of year, many of the birds remain unseen!

I also checked out Karner Blue Sanctuary and the only bird of note was an Acadian Flycatcher.  No butterflies, which was very strange!  This place is getting terribly overgrown now.

Calico Pennant female at Karner Blue

While in the Port Franks area, I walked "L" Lake Trail just off Outer Drive.  I have had Magnolia Warbler there at this time of year, but not today.  I did hear another Hooded Warbler though.

By this time, it was getting too hot, and I headed home.  It was supposed to rain today, but as usual the weather forecast was wrong again!  Better hot than rainy!

Red-spotted Purple at Pinery

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