Thursday, May 26, 2016

May is Winding Down!

It has been a somewhat busy week here.  There are fewer migrants to be seen during my morning or evening walks, but more mosquitoes!
On Monday, I checked out Rondeau Park for a few hours in the morning.  Highlight was a singing Connecticut Warbler right beside the south point trail.  Steve and I even got to see it, but it was not too visible for a good photograph.

I even had one in the yard here Tuesday morning!

There was a good variety of warblers to sort through, but as the morning wore on, things got quiet.

I decided to head over to Hillman Marsh shorebird cell.  It was a good choice as there were thousands of birds.   Most were Black-bellied Plover of course.  Perhaps up to 6000 eventually came in until something flushed the lot.

Whimbrel were already there, but more came in.  They are always neat birds to see, and hear.

Highlight there was a Marbled Godwit.  It is always a treat to see a godwit, especially Marbled.  It was reported earlier in the morning.  I never did see one last year.

Before work, I take a look at the St. Clair River each morning.  At least one Common Loon has been hanging around Port Lambton.
This morning, I saw this boat--a familiar sight from Tobermory.

I often see these boats heading downriver in the fall to winter at Hike Metals in Wheatley Harbour. They will go there to get inspected or serviced.

This evening I went out to Mitchell's Bay.  One can always hope for a White Pelican, but I do not seem to have that kind of luck no matter how many times I go out there!  There were lots of white birds in the form of Mute Swans though.  One that flew in turned out to be a Tundra Swan.  I did not have the big camera, so no good photo.

Yellow-headed Blackbirds are still somewhat reliable at the end of Angler Line.  I did see one male at the very end.

Lots of migrants are still to come through, so this weekend should prove interesting.

Tim S. Dool

The above ship was upbound at Port Lambton yesterday morning.  Today it was in Lake Superior, but lost power and went adrift!

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