Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Evening Post

Now that late April is approaching, each day brings an interesting mix of new birds.  It is interesting to see what is reported every day through eBird.  So many people are now making use of it.

I check my usual spots before and after work.
This morning was clear and calm and I took a short walk at Stewart Wetland.

Looking Downriver

A Sora was calling from somewhere in the wetland.  I think most of the Redhead and Gadwall have finally left.  They stuck around there for several weeks.  A few Gadwall were still in the pond though.  Lots of Blue-winged Teal are making use of the wetland.

Walpole Island

This morning, I heard the familiar song of  a Pine Warbler in one of the trees along the riverbank.  It is a new for my list at the location.  A Yellow-rumped was in company with it.

Brander Park at Port Lambton has been rather quiet so far, but it is a good migrant trap and soon many birds will show.  I will see if a FOY House Wren has shown up tomorrow!

Common Loons were on the move this week, as I saw a few along the St. Clair River heading north.

This evening I ventured out to Mitchell's Bay.  This is the time of year the Yellow-headed Blackbirds show up near the end of Angler Line.  The first male was reported this morning.

That area and the Lake Shore Trail are good spots to check for a variety of birds.  I walked the trail, but it was somewhat quiet today.  On my return walk, I found a Pine Warbler singing atop some Cottonwoods.
From the dock I could see a variety of birds.  A lone Tundra Swan was in company with Mute Swans.

Various ducks, including Wood, were along the shoreline.

Lots of Pied-billed Grebes were in the bay and some were making quite a bit of noise.

Many Forster's Terns were flying about, and at one point I saw a large flock.  They do set up colonies in the area.

I check Peers Wetland (Wallaceburg) every couple of days at least.  Yesterday it was nice to see a Blue-headed Vireo and a pair of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers for the first time this year.

This weekend looks fairly good for birds, so we will be out and about!

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