Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fool's Post

This week went by quickly--a couple of nice days and a couple of days with too much rain.  It looks like we are in for a high water cycle with river and lake levels higher than they have been in years.

I took a look out Mitchell's Bay way this evening.  The shoreline looks a bit different with the high water.
Many birds came in this week and I was thinking that I would see a Great Egret or a tern or two out there, but those never materialized.  I did see a first-of-year Barn Swallow associating with Tree Swallows along Angler Line. (not able to get a photo)

Swallow on a tree

Yellow-headed Blackbirds should be showing up any time soon out Mitchell's Bay way.

Wednesday, I had the opportunity to take the day off so I went down to Rondeau Park.  I spent almost 6 hours there just enjoying the nice day.  I met up with Steve Charbonneau first thing and we walked a couple of trails, starting at south point.

Scene along Black Oak Trail

We also walked tulip tree trail and half of marsh trail.  The only item of interest on TTT was a mink.

Later, I walked both Black Oak and Spicebush trails.  I took my time looking at everything.

A few Fox Sparrows were around, a couple of Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and loads of Golden-crowned Kinglets.  Lots of Eastern Phoebes as well.


Later, I checked out Erieau.  The pair of Harlequin Ducks was still present, enjoying the rough water.
Loads of ducks are on the Bay, including an exceptional number of Gadwall.

Last weekend, Keith Burk estimated 1375 just at Erieau alone.  I could see most of them from the marsh trail, roughly estimating 1200.

I also walked along McGeachy Pond dike.  There were lots of ducks on the pond, but nothing of note was there.

Coot on the Loose!

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