Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gyr to Brrr

The Warwick Gyrfalcon continues to patrol the area.  Many birders have gone up to see this bird, and I have seen some nice photos. Some get lucky and have it right beside the road, while others see it from a distance.

(Mike Bouman photo)

One wonders how long it will stay!  It will probably feel at home today.

The temperature dropped and the wind picked up today, so early arrivals will have to deal with some weather.
Waterfowl has been coming through as we would expect this time of year.  Ducks are hanging out in the Stewart Wetland including the Gadwall and most recently a pair of American Wigeon.  It was snowing heavily after I left work today so visibility was poor.

This morning a Snowy Owl was perched atop a hydro pole--the first one I have seen along the Langstaff Line in over a month.  I found it again (on the ground) after work when I stopped to look at several hundred Tundra Swans in a field.

I was actually one concession south on Stewart Line when I noticed the swans.  I estimated around 750--quite a number for the location and date.


  1. Blake, an amazing bird. Thanks for making this posting, and thanks to the original finder! This is one of those birds I thought I would never catch up with ... and of course I was able to see it Saturday.

    1. Indeed a good bird for the area. Many needed to see the beast! Nice that it stayed for so long.