Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Speckle-bellies, Snipe, Sandhills

It was a fine day to be out if you did not mind the strong wind.  I checked out Rondeau Park first thing this morning.  There was not much in the way of birds, but some signs of spring were evident.
A few blackbirds were here and there, a pipit flew over and a male Wood Duck flew along south point trail near the light beacon.
It was rather bleak along the shoreline off the light beacon with the brisk wind.

It always seems as though something is missing when I get to this point on South Point Trail:

After some time in the park, I headed up to Ridgetown to look at geese.  Along the way was  a large flock of blackbirds along Front Line.
At the lagoons, several hundred Canada Geese (plus some Cackling) were present, a few Tundra Swans, Mallards and the lingering Greater White-fronted Geese.

These speckle-bellies have been around for at least 3 weeks!

It was getting close to lunch time, but one pass on Stefina Line was in order.  I finally caught up with that sneaky snipe in the creek!  Lighting was horrible for a photo though.

This Wilson's Snipe has been present, but elusive, here all winter. It has been a common wintering spot over the years.

Still no sneaky shrike, but they are scarce this winter, indeed.

After a Subway Sub, I headed into Chatham to pick up some items, then decided to swing out to St. Clair NWA.  It was still largely frozen, but some open water was there.  Nothing unusual was seen though.  However, two early spring Sandhill Cranes were flying over.

Exactly a year ago, it was extremely cold, but I did see a Northern Shrike.

Tomorrow is another day....


  1. That white pine was such a landmark, wasn't it. Such is the life of a dynamic shoreline, even if some of the dynamic forces are the result of long-term human activity.

    1. The shoreline sure has changed since I started going to Rondeau. More-so in just the last few years.