Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year-Local Birding

Listers and LLB's abound!
I stayed local today checking on some of the established birds.  Normally I would be doing the St. Clair NWA CBC, but I felt I wanted to go on my own today.  It would have been blustery (again!) along Lake St. Clair anyway.  Hope they did well.

I did stop by the Vermilion Flycatcher first thing, but it was early and I did get a brief view.  I planned to come back later when lighting was 'supposed' to be better.
I briefly stopped at Brander Park, Port Lambton and the Tufted Titmouse was still present.  On to Sombra, and the female Harlequin Duck is still pretending to be a Mallard at the ferry dock area.

I drove back roads towards the Vermilion stakeout and upon arrival several familiar birders were present.  Some had seen the bird in the last week, but wanted to start the new year off with a bang by seeing the flycatcher.  Even the "afternoon shift" had to get out of Dodge and see this bird!

It was right near the road when I arrived, but there was quite a bit of snow coming down.

It disappeared behind the barn and Larry Cornelis spotted it there, but it eventually came back to the weedy field.

The Yellow-headed Blackbirds were also in the news, so many went to see them south of town.  Brett Fried, Barb Charlton and crew followed me to Bear Line where the flock (smaller than yesterday) was right along the road.

A close examination revealed two males and a female Yellow-headed Blackbird.  They also picked out a Rusty Blackbird.

We watched them for some time and the flock eventually thinned out.  The male Yellow-headed hide well in the flock and it takes some effort to find them.

Some Lapland Longspur were nearby as well.  With the snow, more Horned Larks, Snow Buntings, etc. were evident today.
I checked out the end of the road at the Snye and the only thing I got was an American Robin!

Feeders were active today with the weather, but nothing new here.

Maybe we will get some long overdue sun this weekend.  It has been a week since the sun has been out!
Sunday is the final CBC at Skunk's Misery area. Should be interesting.

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