Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Today's Tour

I headed up the St. Clair River shoreline this morning since I like checking out the river this time of year, but there is practically nothing to look at currently!
A raft of about 150 Redhead was at Fawn Island, and I later saw the raft flying north while viewing the Harlequin Duck.

The Harlequin Duck was sitting on a spile when I arrived.  It was much too dark to get a decent photo even with the built-in flash on the camera.

Virtually nothing to look at all the way up to Sarnia.  A few Long-tailed Ducks were at the head of Stag Island.

A few different ducks and gulls were in Sarnia Bay, including an adult Glaucous Gull.

I looked along the rocks for a Common Yellowthroat that the Nethercott's photographed yesterday, but could not find a single bird.

I stopped at a couple of spots on the way home including Moore WMA.  A few wintering birds were there, but I could not go far due to high water.

NOT the bird!
I just got home and Garry Sadler sent a text about a Yellow-headed Blackbird on Mud Creek Line NW of Bass Haven.  I went there and found quite a flock.  Most seemed to be cowbirds, but Red-winged, Common Grackle and European Starling were mixed in.  I did see a male Yellow-headed Blackbird.  Perhaps a female is in that flock too, but the flock was very spread out among the houses, etc.
It has been my experience over the years that Yellow-headed Blackbirds are usually associated with large flocks of Brown-headed Cowbirds.

Photo courtesy Garry T. Sadler

Unfortunately, it is not within any CBC circle and probably half way between Wallaceburg and St. Clair NWA circles.
The flock was quite mobile so I was not able to get any photos.
Perhaps the flock will show up in the St. Clair circle this Friday!

Snowy Owl at Mitchell's Bay
Garry mentioned that he and his brother saw the Vermilion Flycatcher today (Tuesday).  It was a tough day yesterday, so it has hung on for another day.


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