Sunday, November 8, 2015

Rondeau: Dog Beach to Caribou Isle

Round number two this weekend at Rondeau found clear skies and no wind.  Starting with the lakewatch at Dog Beach, Red-breasted Mergansers were quite plentiful today.  Loons and grebes were fewer in number, but we did pick out 3 Red-throated Loons.
A pair of Bald Eagles was perched in the distance as we watched the lake

highly cropped in early morning light
Today we did get some shorebirds in the form of a flock of 48 Dunlin (no White-rumped Sandpipers involved!).  Early on, an American Woodcock came in off the lake and made a beeline for the woods.  A nearby-perched Sharp-shinned Hawk gave chase, but the woodcock survived to live another day.

We did not spend as much time at the lakewatch today as things died down rather quickly.  On south point trail, Dark-eyed Juncos and American Tree Sparrows were in good supply.  Many were noted on the drive in first thing this morning as well.  Ruby-crowned Kinglest out-numbered Golden perhaps 2:1.

Regarding warblers, the female Blackburnian Warbler is going for record late.  We found it again in the same area actively feeding.

It is pretty neat to have one in November!

There was less demand for Yellow-rumped Warblers today.  We did get a Nashville Warbler on our return walk.

Strangely, we did not encounter an Orange-crowned.

Maintenance area was rather quiet again, as was the campground.  The campground did have quite a few juncos and Cedar Waxwings.  We thoroughly sifted through the waxwings, but failed to find a Bohemian.

Outside the park, Horned Grebes were rather numerous near the end of McKinley Line.  Often large numbers are found in this area.

Out next stop, of course, was the marsh trail at Erieau.  The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher greeted us at the start of the trail.  Nothing of note was seen after that including the long-gone Northern Parula.

No swallows were seen today, but perhaps they will be weekday birds!

CCGS Caribou Isle at Erieau

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