Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Morning Sandhill Fix

I was curious yesterday to see if the Sandhill Cranes (~70) were still hanging around.  I stopped at Stewart Wetland, where they usually pass right over, Monday morning.  I did not wait long enough, but as soon as I pulled away in my car, one group of approximately 35 was over Walpole Island.

I then went my usual lookout at Port Lambton before work.  I usually see a White-winged Scoter or two (or four!) each morning, and the last two days did not disappoint.
An old familiar duck soon swam out front.

This hermaphrodite has been around 6 or 7 years, but strangely it was only the third time I have seen it this year.

This morning was a calm morning, so I went for a walk at Stewart Wetland.

Morning Mallards

At 07:27, Sandhill Cranes were in sight over Walpole Island.

Over Walpole Island

There were two main groups that totalled 69 all together.  I thought that was it, but five minutes later four more stragglers went over.  This group has been around for over 3 weeks.
I have not located the exact field they feed in west of Wallaceburg.

I know they come from Michigan since I have seen the flock a couple of times heading over Harsen's Island.

Looking towards Wallaceburg

In other news, a female King Eider has been hanging around with Canvasbacks in Sarnia's Lake Chipican.  Lake Chipican of all places!
M.B. has some nice photos on his eBird list from yesterday.
Eider at Canatara Park

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